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What Our Clients Say About Us

Great companies are built around safety, but the rules and regulations are constantly in flux; this is where Bill and his team deliver tremendous value. Even though we have an in-house compliance department, we still need the services of a consultancy that has a birds-eye view of the rules and regulations impacting manufacturing, importing, and retailing today.

If not structured correctly, compliance can impact both the top and bottom lines of a company. The analysis and work conducted by Jacoby on our systems, along with the training of our staff, has made our company more robust, better, and safer.  Jacoby will be performing an annual audit which is invaluable in helping us not only maintain but exceed our commitment to compliance.

I called Bill at Jacoby Solutions when our product offering was accepted by one of the largest retailers in the world. As a small company with limited resources and an understanding of retailers’ compliance needs, I needed help handling the amount of work and the incredible amount of compliance regulations these types of retailers expect from their partners. Bill was my savior; he walked me through the needed solutions and gave me more time than I ever expected to get me over the hump and through the process, from start to finish. If you need a company and person to assist you with your compliance needs, Bill at Jacoby Solutions is the ONLY way to go. I can not recommend Bill and Jacoby Solutions enough; they are the only reason we could get this accomplished. We are presenting to larger retailers, and Bill will be in our budget moving forward as the best resource in the industry to get through the overwhelming amount of compliance issues with today’s retailers.

Bill’s ProCheck Audit was incredibly helpful for our small business. His ability to break down complex regulatory and compliance principles into easy-to-follow roadmaps was instrumental in getting our company’s quality, safety, and compliance systems created. I feel confident now that we have a strong foundation and we haven’t overlooked the critical details that Bill has been apple to highlight. I highly recommend Bill’s audit and his services – especially for anyone just getting started and wants to ensure that your start is strong!”

Jacoby was instrumental in guiding our team through Amazon’s confusing compliance policies and purges. Using comprehensive audits, training, great network connections, and a revamp of our compliance program, Jacoby provided the necessary tools and knowledge to strengthen our regulatory SOP to comply with our other international and retailer obligations.

We have been working with Bill Jacoby and Jacoby Solutions since 2012. Bill and his company have helped us with compliance-related issues, which are critical. He implemented our customer service platform, which allows us to service all our brands with one application and continuously collect valuable quality data to improve our products. Integrating our Shopify site into this system and building out product registration also enhanced our customer service and has been an invaluable tool. Bill’s knowledge of compliance and technology integration helps keep us way ahead of the curve!  

As Raising Cane’s looked to expand its online retail platform beyond apparel, we realized that we were opening ourselves to a potential new world of regulatory compliance and customer concerns. Our focus is to be an impactful, positive brand in our communities, and our retail site is intended to allow customers to join in the energy of our brand.  The last thing we want is to be a headline example of a company that did not adequately test, label, and adhere to consumer and regulatory compliance expectations. Jacoby helped us not only establish but execute processes to ensure that every product we launch on our new platform meets compliance requirements. The expertise they provide and attention to detail in reviewing each new item is critical to our success. With Jacoby’s help assuring that our products are safe, our retail site is making headlines for the right reasons.

Compliance is a vital component of companies, both large and small. When our company, Whimsical Factor, found itself out of regulation and needed guidance, we turned to Jacoby Solutions. Bill and his team helped us to correct our issue and navigate Amazon’s confusing feedback along the way. Additionally, during this process, they assisted in developing an improved CPC  document for us to use to expedite acceptance. As the law is constantly changing, we’ll be turning to Bill and his team yearly to make sure our toys remain in good standing.”

The CPSC not only expects companies to have effective compliance programs in place, but also to be able to properly document these processes.