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Jacoby Solutions- Seller Proof of Compliance is a brand protection consumer product safety consulting practice specializing in helping sellers show Proof Of Compliance to Amazon, Retailers and regulatory authorities in markets where they sell. We help clients achieve operational readiness for ongoing CPSIA and CPSC required compliance via improved process and systems. A one-stop shop for manufacturing, distributors, and Amazon sellers in need of a partner who can help them evolve their business while keeping an eye on compliance, Jacoby Solutions saves companies time and resources by helping them develop compliance related standard operating procedures in all areas from manufacturing and distribution to supply chain management and customer service. Jacoby Solutions is a CPSC approved Product Safety Coordinator and since 2011, we have been helping companies with our CPSIA Ready program, implementing compliance programs, and advising clients on technology solutions to help centralize their compliance activities and reduce their risk. Show Proof of compliance with our Seller P.O.C program

CPSC Approved Product Safety Coordinator

Jacoby Solutions, is dedicated to understanding and meeting the compliance needs of each client in an efficient, thorough, and cost-effective manner. Our personalized compliance support means helping clients understand current regulatory requirements and keeping them on track as they navigate the compliance process. Working with your compliance manager, we draft and review compliance documents, customizing them to the needs your company. Our goal is to not only keep our clients in compliance with CPSC and state regulations, but to educate and empower them. We consult and collaborate with our clients to deliver solutions  that are highly specialized, practical, realistic and feasible. We are committed to meeting your needs in this challenging business environment.

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CPSC Product Safety Coordinator

Our specialization

Approved Independent Product Safety Coordinators
Seller Proof of Compliance
Compliance Program Development
Compliance Program Audits
Undue Influence Policy Creation & Training
Technology Tools for Compliance Programs

Core Services

  • CPSC Approved Product Safety Coordinator

    We have been approved by the CPSC to work with clients to implement  and monitor Compliance Programs for clients that need corrective action as result of a Consent Decree or filing of a 15(b) report.

  • Consumer Product Safety Compliance Program Audits

    As an approved Product Safety Coordinator we can help you audit your compliance program and create solutions to fix deficient areas. We also can provide annual audits to ensure that your program if effective.

  • Consumer Product Safety Compliance Program Development

    We can help you develop or update your program  with all the necessary elements as suggested by the CPSC as part of an effective Consumer Product Safety Compliance Program or with help implementing technical solutions to aggregate data necessary for reporting to regulatory authorities.

  • Amazon & Retailer Proof of Compliance

    We can help you understand and gather the information necessary for providing proof of compliance for major retailers such as Amazon,Target, Aldi, Buy Buy Baby etc. We can also provide policies and Standard Operating Procedures for 16 CFR 1107 requirements under CPSIA.

  • Technology Solutions for CPSC compliance reporting

    We can help you identify and integrate your compliance program related data and or suggest technology solutions to enhance visibility and escalation.

  • Undue Influence Training

    We can provide your company a Undue Influence Policy, Training and Documentation per CFR › Title 16 › Chapter II › Subchapter B › Part 1107 › Subpart C › Section 1107.24 Undue influence of CPSIA