Complete Compliance with An Eye On Business Transformation™ 

Jacoby Solutions is a brand protection consulting practice specializing in helping companies achieve operational readiness for ongoing Amazon, Retailer and required regulatory compliance via improved processes and systems. A one-stop-shop for manufacturers, distributors, and Amazon sellers in need of a partner who can help them evolve their business while keeping an eye on compliance, Jacoby Solutions save companies time and resources by assisting them to develop compliance-related standard operating procedures in all areas from manufacturing and distribution to supply chain management and customer service.  Since 2011, we have been helping companies with our CPSIA Ready program, implementing compliance programs, and advising clients on technology solutions to help centralize their compliance activities, improve their data collection and reduce their risk.

Seller P.O.C. was created as an offering post covid in order to offer our clients best of class coaching and consulting and with our service partner the Alura group we now can help companies to show Proof of Compliance in the European Union and the United Kingdom. We can also bring in service partners to help you with CPSC Violations, Prop 65,and CPB Fines.

Jacoby Solutions is a CPSC-approved Product Safety Coordinator.

Our Team of Experts

  • Bill Jacoby
    Bill Jacoby
  • Don Huber
    Don Huber
  • Han Zuderwijk
    Han Zuderwijk