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Our extensive business and subject matter expertise and technical acumen enables us to identify and apply best practices to resolve issues and optimize opportunities. We consult and collaborate with our clients to deliver solutions  that are highly specialized, practical, realistic and feasible. Depending on your size and product offerings, we have a solution for you. Your Compliance program needs to be tailored to the size of YOUR company as one size does not fit all. We soon will be launching Comply Pro+ to help you manage all elements of your compliance program.

We are constantly evolving our solutions to address the needs of our clients. Having walked a day in your shoes, we understand your concerns and challenges. We design solutions to compliment your business and not disrupt it. This makes it easier for you to get up and running, with efficient and affordable solutions. Contact us today to talk about how we can help you so that you can manage your risk and focus on growing your business.

Seller Proof of Compliance

Compliance Program Framework

The CPSC not only expects companies to have effective compliance programs in place, but also to be able to properly document these processes.   Comply Pro+ and CPSIA Ready help companies prove “due care” with:

  • Company Announcements

    Communicate your safety and quality messaging to your staff

  • Assignment of Compliance Officer

    Mandatory assignment of a company official for Quality and Safety

  • Escalation Policy

    Escalation Policy with Contact Details and Employee Reporting

  • Company Policies

    Posted Company Policies

  • File Library

    Cloud  based file and document folder system with role based permissions

  • Mobile Ready Training

    Train your staff, anywhere, anytime and on any device!

CPSIA Ready by Jacoby Solutions

Critical Path to CPSIA Compliance

The CPSC has mandated that manufacturers and distributors of children’s products “exercise due care” when documenting their compliance. The challenge until today was how to integrate the ongoing CPSIA requirements into daily business operations without hiring a full-time compliance manager or spending thousands of dollars in consultant fees. CPSIA Ready® takes the guesswork and legwork out of CPSIA compliance to let you focus on running your business.

CPSIA Ready® is a product-centric, complete CPSIA compliance solution that provides a more effective and efficient way to achieve CPSIA compliance. With compliance records centered on the product, instead of on the testing, your staff, Retailers & Licensors can easily see the total compliance picture for each of your products.

Are You Compliant?

We Specialize in helping companies who sell Children’s products and toys with their compliance needs. Let us perform a compliance check of your company and help you with any missing items required by law!