Seller P.O.C is a Compliance Program designed to fit how you do business!

As product sellers expand into new markets and sales channels, they are confronted with new standards, regulations, and retailer requirements that may require further compliance processes. An effective compliance program improves your product’s quality and safety, broadens your product’s market, ensures compliance with regulations and laws, and can also help protect you from future product liability issues.

Protect Your Brand……Protect Your Income

Compliance is more than a Test Report and a Certificate. Scaling your business means selling new products in new markets and to different Retailers. We help you show Proof Of Compliance and provide COMPLIANCE ON DEMAND Service for help when you need it most!

Complete the assessment below to see how well you are prepared!

  • CPSIA Ready Program

    Compliance Program for Children’s Product Sellers

    If you sell products for children 12 and under, this program provides you with full compliance program to adhere to CPSIA and protect your brand!

  • Incident Reporting

    Incident reporting Policy and Training

    Incident Notification & Reporting Policy is designed for identifying, escalating and tracking incidents or injuries incurred by consumers while using our products is an integral component of your Compliance Program but also a requirement of your regulatory obligations.

  • Amazon Compliance

    Amazon Centric Program

    Amazon requirements are constantly changing and we help you align your program to deliver documents that are accepted for Proof of Compliance to Amazon and the CPSC.

  • Recall Plans

    Recall Plans and Training

    Our recall plan will help you administer the steps to follow, originating with the defective product analysis and to then outline the required action to remove unsafe products quickly and completely from the market.

  • Compliance Audits

    Audit your program to see how prepared you are?

    We can audit your program to find deficiencies and develop process to fix areas in need of attention.

    Buying or selling and Amazon Business? We can help you reduce your risk by performing and audit or implementing a compliance program to increase your valuation.

  • CPSC Violations

    Import detentions and Corrective Actions

    Container was stopped for inspection and you receive a violation? You will need a complete compliance program in place to eliminate future violations and get yourself off the watch list!. We also can create corrective Action Plan to respond to your CPSC notice

  • Quality and Compliance Checklists

    Pre shipment inspection forms tailored to your company

    Material change is your biggest threat to compliance and quality of your products. We can help you design compliance and quality checklists tailored to your products and issues. Reduce your risk and keep you factories honest.

  • Supplier Guides

    Vendor & Supplier Guides

    You are responsible to show “Due Care” when manufacturing your products and you need to implement standard procedures for your suppliers to help you with compliance and quality.Institute requirements necessary to sell to major retailers and show them Proof of Compliance.

  • Undue Influence Training

    Required for CPSIA

    Undue influence training for CPSIA. Sellers are required to make sure “that every appropriate staff member receive training on avoiding undue influence and sign a statement attesting to participation in such training.

  • Comply PRO U

    Compliance Manager Training

    Comply PRO U is an online course consumer product safety training  and coaching program designed to help you audit, develop, and manage your consumer product safety compliance program.

  • CE UKCA Marking

    CE Marking for EU/UK

    If you sell in the EU or UK, you need to know if your products adhere to the appropriate safety directives and mark your products. The UKCA mark is the UK version of the CE mark and will be required Jan 1, 2023.

  • Authorized Representative

    AR Service for EU & UK

    If you sell in the EU and UK,  Regulation (EU) 2019 Market Surveillance law that went into effect July 16, requires companies have an Authorized Representative as contact point if there are product safety issues with your products.