Last month, a California state court of appeals three judge panel ruled that Amazon has responsibility for the safety of third-party products sold on its platform. Amazon has also just proposed a Recalls Pledge to the CPSC where they would execute recalls for products sold by third -party sellers. In addition ,the United States Congress has allocated an extra 55 Million dollars to the CPSC in 2021 for increased Inspections at the ports. The EU surveillance initiative goes into effect July 2021 and the UKCA mark will be required as of January 1st 2022 for sales in the UK.

Do you have ALL the policies and tools in place to show Proof Of Compliance moving forward?

We have created Seller Proof Of Compliance to help you in any area which you may need help to scale your business or to fix a problem. Areas where we have expertise include:

Seller Proof Of Compliance
  • Compliance Program Check Audit
  • Compliance Program Development
  • Testing and Certification Plans
  • Compliance Manager Training
  • CPSIA Compliance
  • Custom Quality and Compliance Pre Shipment checklists
  • Incident Reporting Policy and Training
  • Undue Influence Training(as required by CPSIA)
  • Customer Service Safety and Quality Incident escalation and response solutions
  • Material Change Policies
  • GCC/CPC/DOC’s with CE Marks
  • EU Authorized Representative Service
  • Recall Plans
  • Corrective Action Plans and Re-Work projects
  • Vendor/ Supplier Guides with Compliance Requirements and Policies
  • Buyer/ Seller Audits of Compliance to evaluate Risk
  • Import Detentions and Inspection Violations
  • CBP Product Seizures and Fines

Protect Your Brand……Protect Your Income

Compliance is more that a Test Report and a Certificate. Scaling your business means selling new products in new markets and to different Retailers. We help you show Proof Of Compliance and provide COMPLIANCE ON DEMAND Service for help when you need it most!