Demonstrating what the CPSC calls “due care” with regard to the periodic testing rule

As an importer who relies on my overseas manufacturer to test the product before shipping to the US, how would I demonstrate what the CPSC calls “due care” with regard to the periodic testing rule?


There are several approaches that may serve as evidence of due care by an importer to ensure that a foreign manufacturer who has provided a testing certification for product, conducts periodic testing as specified in the final rule.

First, the requirement should be specified in the importer’s purchase order to the foreign manufacturer, clearly communicating the requirement to conduct the required periodic testing and requiring submission of the foreign manufacturer’s periodic testing plan, production testing plan, or the results of continued testing using an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 -accredited lab.

Second, an importer may need to conduct occasional site visits to his supplier’s manufacturing facility to examine evidence that the required periodic testing has been properly performed.  Simply reviewing the foreign manufacturer’s periodic testing plan or production testing plan may not satisfy the requirement, without further evidence that the plans were actually implemented.  (Think Audit of Factories)

Third, an importer may need to verify the authenticity of the supplier’s test reports by contacting the testing laboratory for verification of the testing or have the test report reviewed by another party.

Fourth, an importer may also wish to occasionally submit samples from products received from the supplier for testing, to compare the test results to those conducted by the foreign manufacturer


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