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Jacoby Solutions Launches CPSIA Ready

Jacoby Solutions has launched CPSIA Ready, a cloud-based software platform and services solution giving manufacturing and importing companies the ability to quickly and effectively comply with all aspects of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA ).

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  The product-centric solution was designed with business operations and continuously evolving compliance regulations in mind. CPSIA Ready helps customers embed compliance into      operations so they can easily become and remain compliant across all of the CPSIA ‘s requirements.

Two recent settlement agreements issued by the CPSC require companies to set up an expansive compliance system including: (1) proof of written compliance standards and policies, (2) retention of all compliance-related records for a minimum of five years; (3) assignment of a senior-level compliance manager/officer; (4) a confidential and operational process for employees to be able to report compliance related questions or issues to a compliance manager/officer; and (5) mandatory training on company compliance-related policies and procedures for all applicable employees and stakeholders.
“Compliance is no longer about testing. Companies must ‘exercise due care,’ across many of the CPSC’s mandates,” said Bill Jacoby, principal of Jacoby Solutions. “With CPSIA Ready and our on-line compliance training program, CPSIA U, companies can easily achieve compliance with reduced time, cost and resources. CPSIA Ready also tracks and stores product information, and provides easy due process for employees to achieve mandatory training on various elements of the compliance law.”
CPSIA Ready notifies companies of new compliance regulations and provides manufacturers and importers with a system that enables them to:
• Quickly create and send compliance certificates to retailers/distributors;
• Create and manage test plans by product and manufacturing facility;
• Manage and document material changes within products;
• Centralize storage of test reporting and compliance documentation;
• Provide access to a company compliance portal with an e-learning portal for mandatory training; and
• Reduce documentation storage costs in a tightly secured, cloud-based environment.
Jacoby said flexible pricing programs enable CPSIA Ready to create the exact solution to fit the needs of every organization.

Jacoby Solutions Launches CPSIA U©, an e-learning Portal, Providing Companies Easy Solution to Meet Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Mandatory Compliance Requirements

On-Line Undue Influence Training Course Now Available

CPSIA U Training

MALVERN, PA (PRWEB) June 04, 2013

Jacoby Solutions has launched CPSIA U, an e-learning portal, to provide companies with an efficient, cost-effective way to comply with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s mandatory compliance and training requirements. The U.S. government regularly adds new compliance requirements for manufacturing companies. Jacoby Solutions’ e-learning portal, CPSIA U, provides an unbiased, industry-endorsed method of tracking and providing proof of compliance to the government. Employees can complete training anytime, anywhere via any digital device including computers, laptops, tablets and mobile iOS or Android devices.

“We understand how difficult it is for many businesses to keep up with compliance regulations, especially small to mid-sized organizations that do not have the time or resources to continuously monitor and interpret the CPSC’s mandates,” said Bill Jacoby, principal of Jacoby Solutions. He continued, “By using our on-line training, we provides companies with the process and documentation to identify their compliance director, map out their escalation and provide the notification process to help prevent what can be massive government fines for organizations that cannot prove they exercised due care when implementing incident notification and reporting to the CPSC.”

CPSIA U.’s initial course offerings are designed to help manufacturers comply with the requirements set out in CPSC’s 16 CFR 1107 ruling. The ‘Undue Influence Training’ requirement is designed to ensure that companies making children’s products do not apply pressure on third-party testing labs to influence positive results. Jacoby Solutions’ experts developed the Undue Influence Training module to help company employees understand the nature and impact of undue influence, and provide a confidential pathway to contact the CPSC if a potential breach is identified.

Mr. Jacoby furthered, “The training module is especially important for organizations who are concerned about their overall compliance for the recent CPSIA requirements that went into effect this past February. The Undue Influence module also provides a comprehensive review of the CPSC’s changes in requirements going back to 2010.” Undue Influence Training is available in English and Chinese. Material Change Testing and Periodic Testing- Creating your Test Plan courses are included in the enrollment and more modules will be made available in the coming months. Details regarding training courses can be found at

About Jacoby Solutions:
Jacoby Solutions is a professional consulting firm with a focus on providing a one stop resource for assistance in making sure a company is “Operationally Ready” for CPSIA compliance. Specializing in the Juvenile, Toy and Consumer Goods space, Jacoby Solutions provides companies the technology and knowledge necessary to adhere to the current and impending compliance mandates related to CPSIA.

Jacoby Solutions Launches CPSIA Ready e-learning platform for Undue Influence Training


Malvern, April 30th, 2013

Jacoby Solutions today launched CPSIA Ready U. an online elearning platform designed for CPSIA training.